Before and after treatment of scabies

Mange and Scabies, what’s the difference? And how to treat it naturally.

When your dog is consistently licking, scratching and losing fur it can be alarming for any pet owner. It could be mange, scabies or a fungal infection.

 Types of mange

  • Demodectic mange
  • Sarcoptic mange
Sarcoptic mange (Scabies)

Scabies are tiny, microscopic spider-like mites that burrow deep into the skin surface and lay eggs. It’s a zoonotic disease that can easily be transmitted from pets to people via direct contact and shared bedding. The mites causes excessive itching by lodging themselves deep in the skin. Dogs will experience hair loss, Spotify promotion especially on the legs and belly and skin can become thickened and darken.

Additionally, the skin becomes irritated when the dog excessively scratches, leading to the formation of scabs and a layer of crust. Sometimes secondary infections can occur due to open sores; if it is not treated at once, lymph nodes swell in that area which will cause immunosuppression in dogs.

Demodectic mange

Demodectic mange or Demodex canis is a mite that enters the hair follicles of a dog’s skin. It causes inflammation of the follicle root, which results in itching and hair loss. It is not contagious and easily treatable.

Common signs that your dog could be suffering from mange include:

  • Itching accompanied by redness and rash
  • Alopecia (Hair Loss)
  • Presence of scabs, crust, or scaly skin

For both types of mange, veterinarians will carry out skin scrapping tests to diagnose the type of involved mites.

How to treat naturally:

Firstly your dogs overall health and immunity are critical for developing prevention against mite infestations. We recommend a well balanced raw diet with the addition of Moringa and Coconut Oil.

Topically wash your dog with Neem Shampoo every 3 days. Give them daily rub down with Healing Oil to kill the mite and soothe the skin. Additionally a spray of Colloidal Silver is recommended to avoid secondary infections. You can also add a few drops of Neem Oil to their meal so further treat the skin condition internally.

Our recommended products for mange:
  • A healthy, balanced raw diet plus Moringa and Coconut Oil to build immunity
  • Neem Shampoo to help kills mites
  • Healing Oil topical massage to kill mites, soothe the skin and generate healthy fur growth
  • Colloidal Spray to ward off secondary infections
  • Wash all bedding, collar and harness in hot water and soap. Dry in direct sunlight.
  • Keep infected dogs in quarantine until they are recovered if suffering from Scabies
How to prevent yourself from getting scabies from a pet?

Pet owners should:

  • Wear gloves when washing and oiling your pet
  • Keep them quarantined until they are scabies free. We recommend a bathroom or hard surface area so the mites can not spread