How to Use Neem Oil to Treat Dog Mange

Sarcoptic mange is an itchy disease in a dog’s coat caused by mites. Unfortunately, it is also contagious to people as well as other dogs. One of the treatments to get rid of mange is treating it with Neem oil.


Signs of Sarcoptic Mange

When your dog has mange, it’s caused by the superficial burrowing of scabies mite in your dog’s skin. The signs are severe itchiness, skin lesions, hair loss, lethargy, and thickening of his skin.

The first and defining symptom of sarcoptic mange is when your dog is intensely itchy. The constant itchiness can cause dandruff, redness, scabs, small bumps, and hair loss as the disease progresses.

These signs are usually found on your dog’s elbows, ankles, the underside of the belly, and the edges of the ears. However, if it becomes really bad, these signs will spread to the rest of your dog’s body.

Plus, your dog could have enlarged lymph nodes, be lethargic, and have a secondary skin infection. This secondary infection would be caused by scratching, biting, and chewing. If your dog is extremely uncomfortable, he may stop eating and lose weight.

How Does Your Dog Get Mange?

There are different ways that your dog could contract mange. For example, if there are a lot of coyotes and foxes in your area, your dog can acquire it that way. Or, if your dog is in a high-stress environment such as a kennel, then the risk of being exposed to mange is higher.

This disease is highly contagious, and if your dog has been around other dogs, you need to tell those dog owners. Unfortunately, signs of mange are not always obvious. Symptoms of scabies will show up in about 10 days to 8 weeks after your dog has been exposed.

Neem Oil for Dog Mange

Neem oil, such as Neem Oil by Holistic Health Natural Pet Care, can help your dog fight off infections. It can also get rid of microbes that cause itching with its antibacterial, antimicrobial ingredients.

Plus, when you use neem oil regularly, it will be absorbed through your dog’s bloodstream through his skin. This will give your dog further protection from getting infections or becoming infected for some time.

When you use neem oil for dog mange, it upsets the mites’ reproductive and digestive systems. The mites then stop eating and laying eggs on your dog. Neem oil, when used for dogs with mange, also kills eggs and the larvae of mites and affects their development.

You always need to use some type of carrier oil like Coconut Oil or mix with natural pet shampoo, like Natural Shampoo by Holistic Health Pet Care.

We highly recommend using our specially formulated and highly effective Healing Oil and two times a week with our Neem Shampoo.

The neem oil for dog mange should be applied according to the instructions on the bottle. Usually, one part Neem oil to 20 parts of pet shampoo mixture is sufficient.

In case of a severe infection, you can drop some of the oil into your palms. Then rub the oil gently on the affected areas of your pet.

If your dog has mange, then neem oil can be used to provide some much-needed relief.