As pet owners we care for the health and well being of our fur-kids be we struggled to find a holistic pet care product for their skin. So we created out own and expanded the range!


Our all natural pet health collection helps to boost your pets immune system, support their bodies natural stat and keep them healthy.

Holistic Health Natural Pet Care collaborates with only the best growers, producers and suppliers allowing us to bring you a selection of easy to use natural pet health products. By simply mixing some moringa to your pets meal and adding a splash of coconut oil you will boost their immune system, strengthen them against disease and know it’s 100% natural.

We don’t like using chemicals on our pets so we formulated our skin care range due to the lack of natural pet shampoos available. Holistic care for dogs is the best way to care for a happy and healthy pet

With Holistic Health Natural Pet Care you can mix and match various items to create desirable products. For example, combine our Holistic care for dogs Natural Shampoo with the Colloidal Silver to create an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal soap, or add a few drops of Neem Oil to help fight scabies or fungal conditions.

With an all natural selection you know there are no harmful chemicals that could affect your pet. Holistic pet care is the best way forward when caring for your pets.

We care about your pets, naturally!