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100% Natural

No harsh chemicals. Cruelty Free.

Eco Friendly

Refills Available.

Gives Back

Proudly supporting local rescue groups.


Caring for your pet naturally is the best way for their future health.

Caring for your pet with natural pet care products gives your canine kid of feline friend a healthy start to a fabulous, long life.

Our natural pet grooming products were the first products we created. They contain no harsh toxic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, dyes, or preservatives but still offers the same deep and effective clean.

As we began to learn and understand more about pets health conditions we extended our natural pet care product line to include immune boosters, natural antibiotic treatments plus topical oils to fight common skin issues such as mange, scabies and fungal infections.


Starter Kit

Start your pets life on the right paw with our all natural products to help their coats and immune system.

Fungal Fighter

Relieve your pet of the itch and smell start from fungal conditions.

Immune Booster

A strong immune system can fight off illness'. Maintain their immune system in their daily meal.


We love to hear your feedback!

We’ve been using the full range of Holistic Health Pet Care and have had AMAZING results. Our favourite product is the Healing Oil for animals suffering scabies, fungal or other skin conditions.

Mission Paws'ible

Animal Rescue Group, Bali, Indonesia.

Colloidal Silver cleared my dogs ear infection in 2-4 days!

Mary Jane Butler

Pet Owner, Bali, Indonesia

Our dog had severe kennel cough. We found the addition of Royal Jelly really soothed his throat and cleared the infection a lot faster than on previous occasions.

Dewi Astana

Jakarta, Indonesia


Many people are adopting a holistic approach to the care of their animals. Find out exactly what Holistic Health Pet Care is and check out our blog featuring articles by animal specialists utilising holistic therapies.